Thursday, March 31, 2011

An old piece, yet still applicable.

And here, a piece from last year. Written after just such a day as today;


My mind has been occupied with terribly unpoetic thoughts, such as how humorous these bodies of ours are. Our awkward long limbs that fail, our large heads, peculiar sex organs. How silly that we prop up the fatty tissue of breasts and blush them, dress them, deep v-neck them. And what of feet? What about toes? I could burst out laughing looking at them. Don’t even get me started on sex! That ridiculously goofy and beautiful of all human pastimes! And as I turn about in the mirror, as I hold my arms out to examine my fingers with grandeur and the funny flapping lips
that put forth thoughts and emotions and ideas, I chide myself that I ever spent more than two minutes worrying about this body. I roll my eyes to think I wound a measuring tape round my waist and worried about the climbing number. After all, that belly is merely a place to put my vitals. And what a beautiful job its been doing!

Better a body
alive than a wasting bag of bones. This is a feeling to remember and
never forget. Write this on my mirror and sink it into my soul, steep it like
a tea bag on my eyes, till all I see is loveliness.


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