Saturday, July 17, 2010

Dearest Readers, something magical has happened. Someone new has come into my life. Her name is Ina, and she is a sparkling blue Nishiki Prestige. The wind is in my hair again. I found her at a local store down the street from my apartment called Tower Velo, and when I saw her in the window I knew she was the one for me. The walk down the sunny street was murder, and with each step another bead of sweat was knocked down my forehead, down my back, soaking my shirt till I was sure I was swimming. We paused for a few blissful, necessary moments in the shop just to be able to see again. But once we got back on our bikes, pedals in full motion, suddenly we forgot about the heat. Perhaps its the factual wind in my hair that helped me forget the oppressive heat, but maybe it was the freedom of leaving behind inhibitions of gas prices and working air conditioners. The feel of muscles moving again in synch with one another. What is best, is that I feel that I've earned this new bike with its sparkling paint job and brakes so brand new they squeak.

Here she is!

Above. Ina meets Mustache, the older, wiser Raliegh gentleman ready to show her the ropes.

Finally, back to health! Back to action! And the beauty of it is, I can still ride in a skirt.



  1. Ashley,
    Yay for bikes! I'm gonna put your blog on my sidebar. Yes, indeed.